The 9 Royal Wedding Traditions We Can Expect to See When Harry and Meghan Tie the Knot

The 9 Royal Wedding Traditions We Can Expect to See When Harry and Meghan Tie the Knot

Ring the church bells! We’re going to the royal chapel again next year (yep, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle already set a date), and…We. Can’t Wait. Since the announcement of their engagement, we’ve been all “cuppa tea” this and “cheers, mate” that. So, naturally, when we saw Wedding Wire’s take on the traditions and trends that are sure to be included in the next royal nuptials, we had to share.

Markle will Probably Wear a Tiara

Most royal brides have a worn a tiara for their big day (Kate’s was a Cartier Halo tiara from the queen’s collection).

They’ll Definitely Take a Carriage

No princess fairy tale is complete without a horse-drawn carriage. But seriously, the royal couple rides in the State Landau, a 1902 gilded open carriage, on the way to their reception.

The Wedding will Probably be During the Day

Because, ya know, it’s less formal…

There will be Two Wedding Receptions

Since most British weddings take place in the morning, there’s usually a breakfast or lunch reception. In recent years, the royals have also had a dinnertime reception in order to spend more time with guests (and bust a move on the dance floor, of course).

The Royal Wedding Cake will be Massive

Kate and William’s was eight tiers tall and contained sugar flowers and the couple’s monogram. Princess Diana and Prince Charles had a five-foot-tall cake with the family coat of arms.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte will Definitely Play a Part

Almost all royal weddings have had children in the wedding party, so we’re sure Harry’s beloved niece and nephew (and maybe the new royal baby?) will be involved.


Markle’s Bouquet will have Major Significance

Myrtle, a flower meaning good luck in love, has been in every royal bouquet since Queen Victoria.

Their Ceremony will Probably be in a Historic Church

Kate and William were married in Westminster, while Charles and Diana got married in St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Her Dress will be Epic

We mean, when has a royal wedding not featured the most drool-worthy train ever? K. Middy’s was nine feet long, and Diana’s was a whopping 20-footer. Here’s hoping Markle goes all out for her fairy-tale gown.